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SalesMastery Consultants, Inc. | Arlington & Forth Worth, TX

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Scott Sherwin

Scott is involved in many area associations and local Chambers of Commerce, educating their members on developing a professional selling culture, fixing their sales people and teaching them how to become remarkable. He has also served as keynote speaker for organizations, communicating his message across the country. Scott has written countless articles regarding successful selling and has been published in the Fort Worth Business Press, the Star-Telegram, and other local and national industry magazines. Scott is an active member of the community and holds leadership positions in both professional and non-profit organizations, serving on committees and boards.

Sound different, be different

Want to Stand Out in Sales?

Influence towards what we know about human behavior. We need to know our customers and prospects so well that we can tell them in 30 seconds what we do, what problems we solve and why they would want to invest more time to hear if we can be a good fit.