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SalesMastery Consultants, Inc. | Arlington & Forth Worth, TX


The success of our clients is what speaks volumes for us

Valerie Riefenstahl

TAB Ft. Worth

Industry: Business Advisory Board

Valerie Riefenstahl is the Founder of The Alternative Board of Greater Ft. Worth, TX.  Prior to Sandler Training, she did not feel like a salesperson and just like many in the profession was getting by just from talking and getting to know people.  The SalesMastery coaches help her break through the discomfort of being pushy to having authentic and mutually beneficial conversations with prospects and clients.  

Jeff Shea


Industry: Service Management 

Jeff Shea, President of the Western Division of Redlee/SCS INC, talks about how Scott taught him through Sandler Training is how sales is not a habit it's a day to day way of thinking and if you put yourself in it every day and don't let your attitude get in the way that it can lead to success.  

Jon Seitz

Inovar Packaging Group

Industry: Commercial Label 

Jon Seitz is Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Inovar, which manufactures printing and packaging solutions for companies. He describes his history with Sandler, and how one of his team members has taken what he has learned with Sandler Training and SalesMastery Consultants and how that particular team member is probably going to reach 1.8 Million this year, when he was not naturally a sales person.  Jon explains how he loves "The Sink or Swim"  methodology and how he wouldn't want to see any of his team members sink.  Inovar has been an on going client for about 2 years now.  

Jim Lawrence

Alliance Insurance Services, LLC

Industry: Insurance and Risk Management Solutions 

Jim Lawrence is President of Alliance Insurance Services, stated that prior before SalesMastery the sales force was in quick sand.  Jim said, "Once we got to SalesMastery we began learning that approach, a different sales approach that kind of took us out of the quick sand.  And we learned very specific behaviors."